A tracer's sojourn in a compressible velocity field

Nate Sime (Carnegie Institution for Science, 🇺🇸)
Cian Wilson (Carnegie Institution for Science, 🇺🇸)
Peter van Keken (Carnegie Institution for Science, 🇺🇸)
Thursday session 3 (Zoom) (17:00–18:30 GMT)

Pointwise satisfaction of the continuity equation is key to precise advection of tracer data through incompressible velocity fields.

In this presentation we explore tracer advection in the context of weakly compressible flows arising in anelastic fluids.

To do this we exploit the hybrid discontinuous Galerkin (HDG) method via the GeoPart and LEoPart libraries in conjunction with the FEniCS project.

We present some esoteric findings and aesthetic images.