Bistatic polarimetric through-wall SAR public release data set

Daniel Andre (Cranfield University, 🇬🇧)
Richard Sabbiers (Cranfield University, 🇬🇧)
Thursday session 2 (Zoom) (15:00–16:30 GMT)

This talk presents details of a public release measured radar through-wall dataset suitable for validation of electromagnetic propagation and scattering predictions and for research in scene reconstruction and three-dimensional Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) image formation. The collection was fully polarimetric, in a frequency range of 1-4 GHz, employing both monostatic and bistatic two-dimensional synthetic aperture scanning geometries. The scene comprised a concrete walled structure approximately 3 m square and 1.3 m high, containing and surrounded by various metal targets. The Dstl funded experiments were performed at Cranfield University's Ground-Based SAR laboratory in the UK and the dataset will be released in November 2021.