FEniCS 2021

The FEniCS 2021 conference was an opportunity for all those interested in the FEniCS Project and related projects to exchange ideas, communicate their results and network with the automated scientific computing community.

Unlike previous FEniCS conferences, FEniCS 2021 was held entirely online. The talks were presented using Zoom Webinar. The evening activities were held using Gather Town.

We welcomed developers, existing and potential users of the FEniCS ecosystem as well as mathematicians, computer scientists and application domain specialists interested in numerical methods, their implementation and applications.

The FEniCS 2021 conference emphasised an open and inclusive atmosphere, contributed talks from a diverse range of scientific areas, and dedicated time for discussions and coding.


Three prizes were given at FEniCS 2021:

The prizes were kindly provided by the conference sponsors:

Conference photo

This was taken on Thursday evening.

Conference proceedings

The full proceedings of the conference are available on figshare (DOI: 10.6084/m9.figshare.14495856). Links to the section of the proceedings for each talk can be found by clicking the talks title on the timetable or list of talks.

Code of conduct

We expected all attendees of FEniCS 2021 to follow the FEniCS Project code of conduct. Instances of abusive, harassing, or otherwise unacceptable behavior may be reported by contacting the conference organisers or the FEniCS Steering Council.


Over the 5 days of FEniCS 2021, there were 70 10-minute talks given by presenters from institutions in over 10 countries.

Following each talk, there was time for 1 or 2 questions. Further questions and discussions were be held using Zoom Webinar's Q&A and chat boxes, or by locating the speaker in one of the Gather Town evening sessions.